We Pakistanis are the caretakers of some of most the important historical and heritage places. There are millions of persons who have deep religious and memorable connections to these sites. One of those communities is the Sikh community. We created Rakhe to connect local and foreign Sikhs with their holy heritage sites.

By using this app they can view a list of Gurdwaras near their current location. They can get directions, view nearby hotels to taste the local cuisine and connect with local guides. They can also view the important announcements in the events section, posted by the Gurdwaras management, to stay up-to-date. There is also a vlogs section, where users can watch videos posted by the local Sikh community and other vloggers.

We are ambitious to take this application to the next level. By partnering with Gurdwaras management and stakeholders we want to host live feeds of those heritage sites. So that those who can't physically visit these places will be able to have a virtual experience.

Step by step we will be covering all 480 religious sites of Muslims and other minorities in Punjab to promote and facilitate the religious tourism industry. We need your support and love. Thank you, Pakistan for everything!

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