My team wanted to enhance the academic experience based off of what we would have liked to see as freshmen in college. To solve this, we came up with web app that can improve the connection between professor and student as well as student and student. Our website has three features: In Class (Questions), Quiz, and Study groups. Students and professors can identify themselves as the students or professors on the website through login page. After they log in, they can go to In Class Page where students can ask questions to professors with live chat box. This is for the times when students want to ask questions during the lectures but are either too shy to ask or there lot of students in the classroom. In the Quiz Page, professors can post practice questions and students can submit their answers to the practice questions. In After School Page, students are able to create their own study groups to connect with students outside of class. For the login details, W\we used Firebase as our backend server. Since firebase allows to see all usernames and passwords, we came up with the new way to secure the information. We use Hashing code from CrytoJS in order to create new password according to the input password. Only randomized output of the password can be seen and that randomized output can be only created with one input. In this way, we are able to secure the password of the Users. Future plans include improving the Quiz feature by adding a way to see the answers submitted, such as taking the data and analyzing it or displaying a graph with the answers submitted.

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