Currently, there is no community for non-profit organizations to network to other groups or individuals who share the same passion. There is also no avenue for these organizations to sell products for their respective charities. Most volunteers of these organizations are also not trained properly, due to a lack of online courses about various ways of fundraising.

What it does

  1. Enables individuals and non-profit organizations to launch fund-raising campaigns
  2. Allow the user to sell their products to raise up funds.
  3. Educate the users/ non-profit organizations with the built-in online course/s that can help their staff and volunteers.
  4. Acts as a social site as well with a user profile for each individual and a page for the non-profit organizations.
  5. As the app is integrated with Amazon Alexa, it allows users and campaign managers to get updates from their Alexa devices at the comforts of their home.
  6. Listen to blog posts via Amazon Polly.

How I built it

The system is built around various AWS services: Amazon Polly for text-to-speech in blogs, Amazon EC2 for the server, Amazon RDS for the database, Amazon Alexa integration to get the latest news from the website, Amazon EBS for storage, SES for the email service, CloudFront and many more. For the Amazon Pay, I used the sandbox test account provided by the organizer.

Challenges I ran into

Amazon Pay registration and setup is quite a hassle. The sandbox Amazon Pay account that was also given to us by seems to be having an integration issue with our site gateway.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the core features are working! The only thing remaining is the Amazon Pay integration:

What I learned

You need to have a proper business registration in order to have an Amazon Pay account.

What's next for Raise Up Hub:

  • Integrate Stripe for payment gateways
  • Fix issues in Amazon Pay integration

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