Taking hardware and linking it together with terminal is an experience that I get to share with the adaptive tech that I use and pay for with my own wallet. Now I would like to expand and sell cross platform hardware technology that can secure and encrypt a landline and a home wifi network with hardware such at BitDefender, TP-LINK Archer-6000 and T1 line with encrypted phone line

What it does

Secures a network, encrypts wifi data

How we built it

Used paid for licenced propriatary hardware and software to secure the network.

Challenges we ran into

Challenging breezey

Accomplishments that we're proud of

secure internet at home and knowing that i am going to do for others what a endless time of computer research has done for me

What we learned

unique console commands

What's next for raise btc for hardware based projects, network infastructure

see if anyone out there wants their network wifi and telephone all secured and encrypted

Built With

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posted an update

First shot at starting a sales company packaging the myrazz of network hardware solutions so we can have really fast internet and be secure aswell. I offer my tech skills, willing to travel, military comms background, special forces veteran (CD,SWASM)

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