In 2017, Houston went through a tragedy. Something we never want to go through again

  • But understand what happened and what actions we can take to mitigate future issues is challenging
    • We live in a world of tons of data and information, but sometimes it’s too overwhelming
    • Even if you were to find the correct data sets, you’d still need to connect it to other data sets — and even more data sets, to help make more sense of everything
  • But what if there was one centralized hub where any interested Houstonians could come together, share their findings, and aggregate their analyses to better inform policy makers in the city?

Now there is

Introducing RainPain, Houston’s one-stop solution for understanding how Houston’s rain and flooding issues are impacting the city.

  • In a little more than a day, our team of data scientists and developers have mapped together Houston rain sets to understand rainfall throughout the city:
  • RainPain - just what the doctor ordered to help solve Houston’s flooding awareness issues
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