Climate Change, Drought - need to develop innovative solutions to help with these challenges.

What it does

Calculates the potential rainfall savings realized by capturing the rainfall from a building rooftop.

How I built it

Integrated HERE Maps and Data into an old app I built years ago. Employed JavaScript Mapping API's to consume data from a variety of sources and bring them together in once place to bring awareness to rainfall savings potential.

Challenges I ran into

Merging API's and data sources was not an easy task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to pull in disparate data sets such as:

HERE Satellite Imagery HERE Terrain Map HERE Data Layers Building Outlines Worldwide Mean Annual Precipitation Precipitation Change Forecasting for the year 2100 from the World Bank Center for Climate Change US Weekly Drought Monitor (real time) 24 Rain Forecast from NOAA (real time)

What I learned

There is a lot of potential to save rainfall, even in areas of low precipitation such as LA.

What's next for Rainfall Potential Calculator...

Would like to integrate HERE building outlines for all major cities in the US. Would also like to migrate the code to only utilize the HERE JavaScript API.

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