As members of the LGBT+ community, we wanted a way to shed light on stories like ours. We not only wanted to bring LGBT+ stories to light, but we wanted to give the community the representation it deserves by encouraging people to invest their time reading books by LGBT+ authors and about LBGT+ topics.

What it does

Our app allows users to look through various pages to discover LGBT+ authors and publications. It has a featured tab with a spotlight book, genre, and artist. It also has a page to look for books by genre, a page for LGBT+ authors, and a page with all of the books on our app.

How we built it

We used React Native to build our app. This was all of our first times using React Native.

Challenges we ran into

Our navigation bar was definitely our biggest challenge. Since it was our group's first time using React Native, it was initially difficult to figure out how all of the components fit together. We also ran into many merge conflicts along the way, so it took some time to work through those.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our navigation bar is our biggest accomplishment. After spending most of our time coding to complete this component, we were all very proud to have successfully implemented the most significant part of our app.

What we learned

We learned about React Native as well as collaborating on a project in which we are all working on code at the same time. This helped us learn a new language (Javascript) and framework (React Native) as well as strengthen our Github skills.

What's next for Rainbow Reading

In the future, we hope to implement a database so our app can include more books and authors without requiring them to be hardcoded. This would also allow people to add any books or authors they feel would be a good fit for our app.

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