Make sure to look at the stuart branch in the github repo for the completed project!

Project only supports Linux machines with CMake and required libraries(glfw3 and glew) for building!


We wanted to learn OpenGL over the weekend and thought making a modern clone of the game asteroids would be a fun project

What it does

Basically a simple version of the arcade game asteroids. You have a ship that moves around similar to the original game. You can fire laser pulses from the ship. You can destroy asteroids. You can gain points with a binary score display, with an intentional artistic choice of 8 bit integer score variable with rollover like old arcade games. A gameover game state with vectorized text.

How we built it

It's written from scratch in C++17 using OpenGL 4.6 with the glfw window and input library.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the nuances and complexities of OpenGL in a weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it work with correct techniques such as storing vertex data on video memory rather than main computer memory.

What we learned

The basics of OpenGL in C++ with glsl shader basics. The core of what we would need to know to begin making a game or game engine from scratch.

What's next for GLAsteroids!

More graphics, various features we might think would be fun to add, like 3D graphics or VR support for the heck of it and just for fun.

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