I've got to be at work by 9am. It takes 50minutes on the bus but only 30 by bike and it looks like it might rain. Should I:

  1. Leave at 8.30 as usual?
  2. Leave early to beat the rain?
  3. Leave now with an umbrella and take the bus?

Our app does just one thing brilliantly -- it automatically locates you and gets an accurate short-range, minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the next 60 minutes. It displays this as a coloured background on a clock - orange means no rain and blues means rain (light blue = light rain -- navy blue = heavy rain).

We're demoing this as an iPhone/Android app but this would look really cool on a Moto360/GalaxyGear/iWatch.

Moto 360 smartwatch

In the background, the short-range forecast is determined by pulling the last hour's wind and rain data from weather stations 40km around your location using Mashable's Weather Underground Almanac API. We then extrapolate how that rain will be blown over your location in the next hour.

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