We are broke college students who suck at maintaining money!

What it does

A FINANCIAL rain checking web app that allows you to budget your spending depending on how much you earn.

How we built it

Through deprived sleepy hacking and tons of red bull. Nah, just mainly Javascript and HTML/CSS and Bootstrap/Jquery

Challenges we ran into

Too many to list, this team was formed from rookie hackers that have never step foot in a hackathon before. WE CONQUERED and cried. Version Control, Overlapping Works, Syntax Errors that took hours to fix. Learning and learning and always learning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A finished product that at least do what we try to make it do.

What we learned

We need to use github and google more. Also, sleep is nice is too!

What's next for Rain Check

A prize from you? If we like the idea moving forward, we will collaborate to work on more features and back-end development.

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