The idea is to use rain barrels to prevent flooding by storing water during the storm in a recently emptied water barrel. So for example if 100 people in a county had 55 gallon water barrels, they could collect up to 5500 gallons of water during a massive storm and prevent it from running off to the storm drains. This is good for the city because it offsets the amount it has to over provision during storms and changing weather conditions. The city can help their green friends by helping them buy rain barrels for their lawns, gardens, bird baths, etc. However the rain barrel won't help with flood prevention if the barrel is full. This is why we built a geo-aware modern reminder system to allow users to flexibly .

What it does

Rain Check is an email/sms subscription that reminds users to empty their water barrels.

How we built it

We have 3 never ending scripts:

  • a server receiving restful user data (subscriptions) etc
  • a script that checks the weather at 2 day intervals for all user address creating events to notify users
  • a script that checks for events and sends the alerts via sms and email We have a front end that allows interaction with the restful user api

Challenges we ran into

Deciding when to send a user a notification

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a working prototype

What we learned

Flood control techniques

What's next for Rain Check

The next step for Rain Check is to receive page authority from various water barrel and city website and contact city Public Relations to spread information about the app. We have an api that provides cities an idea of how many people have rain barrels and are using the app to help prevent flooding.

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