As a kid I used to do this type of math exercises to get better and faster at solving math operations in my mind. That was the main inspiration for this skill, that uses Alexa to challenge kids and even adults!

What it does

The skill asks the player random math questions that include addition, subtraction and multiplication. The questions will dynamically increase in difficulty as the player answers them correctly as well as the speed in which the math problem are asked.

The score is tracked per session and it saves your personal best high score. It also keeps track of the overall top score of the day of all the skill players.

How I built it

I build this skill using Amazon's node.js sdk alexa-sdk and aws-sdk. The node.js code is hosted in an AWS Lambda function and the game session data as well as the daily leaderboard is stored in dynamoDB. Also used ask-cli to better work through the process of updating the code and the skill and publishing it to the AWS infrastructure.

What's next for Railroad Math

Next feature that I would like to add is a helper functionality where Alexa will explain to you how to solve the math problem step by step if you don't know how to.

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