Inspiration - Giving rail access to those who need it most!

What it does - Allows rail users to donate a small fee to support funding train tickets/passes for those less fortunate

How I built it - Using SilverRail API, PayPal API, Python, HMTL5 and CSS.

Challenges I ran into - Python integration of SilverCore API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Sexy UI/UX which delivers a punchy message and seamlessly allows for donations to be made

What I learned - Bringing a team of unique talented individuals together to Hack the Rails! We learnt a lot about using market validation to capture user requirements and input these into our product development. We learnt to combine our skills to get the best effect and build an awesome web app!

What's next for Rail Aid - We will be looking to launch this project as a Pilot within the industry, then scale across all TOCs, build an API to make integration/donation easier across multiple channels, expand to European providers, then diversify into Airlines, Ferries, etc.

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