The inspiration came from the problem I faced when decided to refresh my knowledge in Kubernetes. There were so many materials, online courses and books that it was hard to choose what to do next and keep my motivation along the way. So I decided to build a bot that would help on picking the best materials from the Internet and control your progress.

What it does

You select the skill you want to master (Photoshop, Docker, Kubernetes, Frontend development and etc.), your level and time you have. After that Raido proposes the path with several tasks that you need to complete in order to master that skill. Alongside the way you will get notification (in a several days - when Raido thinks you should be done with the task and if user agreed to receive such a notification) and get a new task.

How I built it

For the backend I used Flask + Python wrapped in Docker and deployed it via Cloud Build on GCP and hosted with Cloud Run service.

Challenges I ran into

Organising the main logic and deciding on what is the most important information to display.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The easy and production ready pipeline for the deployment for the bot. Current setup costs 0.06$ per month in the cloud and could scale to any number of simultaneous users (costs would rise of course with millions of users :)

What I learned

GCP service Cloud Run and the number of possibilities on a messenger platform.

What's next for Raido Mentor Bot

Develop more skills and add more casual interaction (advice on interesting articles), quiz on the material and adapt learning material individually.

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