Post one ad into digital signage next to your office or home is long and complex process.

How we built it

We using ETH blockchain together with Raiden network to made a decentralized digital signage platform where advertiser can post ad directly to publisher, the publisher can run many digital signage as many as possible and earn a token in ETHSingaporeToken (EST).

Challenges we ran into

Plan to use NuCypher by due to time-limited then we just postpone it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Micropayment, Decentralize


Imagine that if you running a bakery business and many items going to expire tomorrow and later you decide to discount for those item, online ads will be ineffective and difficult to spot potential customer around, the offline ad will be the best choice for this. We hopefully to reduce time-to-publish for offline ad from 30 days to 3 minutes which could be suitable for flashsale, local event ads.

Built With

  • ethereum
  • raiden
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