After grinding in a certain game and collecting the items , when we shift to another game the items are left behind and we start grinding in another game. So we thought what if we can be able to bring some of the items from the games that we played in past into the new games and get a boost and show that the items can be used and the playtime won't be a waste

for solving this problem we have are trying to make an ecosystem of games in which the items are an nft owned by the player and can be shared through other games

We will have 3 types of people in our ecosystem 1. Creators 2. Artist 3. Players the game creators will make the games and specify the requirements of nft for the games . Artists make the nft as specified by the creators and Players are going to play it and own the nft and share nfts.

The challenges we ran into were making NFTs containing data for different games with different requirements on Solana

What we learned from the hackathon is from basic of game development to the working of web3 to the minting of nfts of Solana.

next for us is Collaboration with game developers and expand the ecosystem

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