The problem: Cops sometimes have a hard time spotting cars with expired insurance, cars that are wanted, cars that have issues of any other sort. Unless the car is directly in front of the cop, there’s a very small chance that it would be identified. This leads to some cars being on the road when they are, really, not supposed to be.

The solution: Our team decided to use some of the technologies available today to limit the extent of the problem identified above. Our solution includes using the Google Vision API. This API would be used in cop cars’ cameras, or other cameras as needed to detect, scan and validate license plates. The license plates would then be highlighted with boxes of different colours to signify any issues attached to said license plates. This will make it easier for cops and other law enforcements to detect any violators and keep our roads safe for all users.

The picture below shows a mock as to what law enforcement officers would see:

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