The most obvious inspiration is Jason Barnes' video about ragdolls. I wanted to convert this awesome video into a game!

What it does

Currently, only the controls and some basic level elements are completed, but it's still really fun to mess around with the physics and the (only) level there is!

How I built it

I used Unity and C# for coding. All models were created in Blender, all by me, with textures from The UI elements are also completely original, made in Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Getting everything to feel right, and also working solo! It's difficult releasing something in short amount of time, let alone when you're doing it solo!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got something done

What's next for Ragdoll Madness

Multiplayer support - It technically works as of now, but since I have no one to test it with, I discontinued the progress on multiplayer. Oh, and more levels!

Built With

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