First time to develop on HubCMS

What it does

Connects companies and is a major contributor to increased growth

How I built it

Using HubCMS, CLI og Hubl

Challenges I ran into

The art of limiting oneself by the number of snippets in the individual forms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Greater understanding of the variation that can be found with the use of HubDB, the power behind a good module code and theme settings.
Especially fond of our animation, which can be set in several ways directly from theme settings.

What I learned

Since we have never coded in HubSpot before, it has been a huge journey to join

What's next for RAEVS

We need to create 3 more modules, which are based on HubDB and subsequently we need to simplify our theme even more, according to the feedback we receive from our future customers.

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