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Tablet Classroom Management Software

Computers and tablets offer a unique learning opportunity, but without effective management they can easily become every teacher’s worst nightmare.

Radix SmartClass transforms student Android and Windows tablets into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students can easily connect to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control, using his own mobile device to freely move around the classroom and coordinate student activities (without requiring extra hardware or third party applications).

SmartClass facilitates dynamic learning with full teacher/student collaboration. The teachers can show their screen, broadcast video presentations to students, keep the class on-task through real-time thumbnail monitoring, supervise and limit Internet activities, and much more. With Radix SmartClass all students' Android tablet activities can be managed in the interests of learning – all from the teacher’s own Android mobile device.

Some of the functions:

  • Broadcast the teacher's tablet screen to the entire classroom or to selected students
  • Lock the screen of the tablet for student's attention - student can't cancel the screen lock
  • Video Broadcast - video file stream directly from teacher's tablet to the entire class
  • Remote control student's tablet and use the tablet along side the student
  • Student demonstration - teacher can select a student screen to be demonstrated live to the class
  • Slide show browsing - teacher can select students or the entire class and run a slide show of the screens
  • Student can select and connect to a relevant classroom from list
  • Display active thumbnails of student's screen with student's name under thumbnails
  • Save classroom attendance list
  • Export the list of students from the class to LMS or excel
  • Chat message with a student or a group of students
  • Teacher can open a discussion chat room and grant access to the entire class
  • Interactive Collaborative White board
  • Students can contribute their own writing to the white board
  • White board can be set transparent to annotate on top of other applications
  • Student can electronically raise his hand for teacher attention
  • Teacher on screen annotation for hand raise on the relevant thumbnail student
  • Teacher can broadcast custom pop-up messages to student's tablets
  • Create pop quiz with 4 optional responses
  • Pre-create quiz questions and load quiz upon request
  • Collect all information from students
  • Save pop quiz for later use
  • Display quiz results with statistics
  • File collection- Collect files or folders from student's tablets
  • File Distribution- Distribute files to student's tablets
  • Co-browse
  • Force selected web page to open on students tablets
  • Force YouTube video to open on students tablets
  • Set screen broadcast and control quality/speed ratio
  • Set video broadcast bitrate and frame rate
  • Set screen broadcast orientation and rotation

Install base and future installation potential.

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