Inspiration / What it does

Cities are practically living. They have events happening all the time that tie together people from all different walks of life. Though these events are constantly occurring, many of us are not aware of them, even when they are happening really close by. This is where Radius comes in. Radius brings the events around the community to your fingertips. From street performers to service events to nightlife to interesting things to take a look at nearby, Radius lets you easily see what's going on and where it's going on.

To share something with those around you, just snap or upload a picture and post. To visit something just scroll through the views of what's going on nearby to find something that interests you.

Radius aims to allows people to experience communities and brings communities closer together by highlighting what makes them so special: the people and what they do.

How we built it

Radius was built using React-Native, Firebase, Firestore, and Google Maps API.

What's next for Radius

We hope to incorporate dynamic events that stay and disappear from maps based on what people are interested in and how many people are at specific events.

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