To contribute to the covid19 response in the best way I can. To imagine a time when people are not stressed out as many are now, or worse. My family and friends, in particular my two children and everyone else.


1) Regulate safe distancing 2) Contact tracing 3) Barrier protection advice. Contact tracing is at light speed. This is enabled by what is under the bonnet.


Proximity technology and pure-AI technology. These are pre-existing ideas.

The proximity technology was developed in 2012 and now is used by ~16m people for a variety of purposes. The technology to drive our contact tracing and safe distancing regulation has been applied to pandemic risk reduction. We are preparing a demo for our pitch. It is totally awesome :-) Its super-responsive as it calculates proximity (a distance that is effectively a radius) from smarphone2smartphone.

The pure-AI engine is super-smart. Its uses semantic web tools to build a digital ontology. Once locked down the ontology generates the executable code. As such code volume is 25x lower than conventional software development. It is 'perfect code' in terms of code density and quality. And this is fact not claim: it was developed over 20 years ago and powers critical systems today e.g. for large insurance companies, national and transnational security departments.

OUTCOMES Rapidity means we will shut down the inevitable infection clusters from getting too large. This will stop the spread. We expect a significant reduction in the R0 versus non-light-speed tracing tools. This de-risks the risk of contagion as societies look to ease Lockdown for massive economic and psychological upside. This is predicated on broad adoption of radius. As such we align to the Governance track as national/regional/global governance structures are our customer targets.

Plus a bunch of analytical tools acquired in 20 years of life science management consulting.


None yet that haven't been resolved.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT I'M PROUD OF. can on occasion maintain an 80+ darts average. coach of national runners-up boys U18 rugby sevens. learning how to build bicycles. regular donor to the Against Malaria Foundation. getting to this point with radius. father of two awesome teenage boys. finally getting on with putting thinking into action.

WHAT I LEARNED. We can't make big changes on our own. And there are some awesome people who together can make gr8 change happen.


Keep on keepin' on.

Built With

  • logical-reasoning
  • ontology-centric-software
  • proximitytechnology
  • semantic-web-tools
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