Every day I used to spend some time in searching for the news contents from many News websites and one day I thought of making RPA a useful technology to save my reading time. Inspired by AI Activities inside UiPath,

Radio Bulletin is a News telling Process which gives the user an option to listen to the important news from all across the world with different categories.

Creating HTML Forms for the User Input and calling an API.

JSON parsing and string manipulation was a challenge.

How it will be helpful? • Helpful to save your reading and browsing time when you are busy. • You can listen to the headlines of all the important newspapers. • You can save the subscription amount for the e-papers. • You can make a choice with all the categories of news.

• The user has an option to select the country out of 35 major Countries. • User has an option to select the category. Different categories are:  General  Technology  Sports  Business  Entertainment  Health  Science • User has an option to select the voice of the Gender

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