Radiation is BAD. and its all around us. Well actually, theres a lot more of it in space, which is why astronauts always have their radiation exposure closely monitored. we thought this would be a very useful technology to adopt for terrestrial purposes, and instead of carrying around fragile equipment like geiger counters, why not have the radiation detection instruments be in fixed places and keep track of people who were near them, thereby allowing personal records indicating how much radiation someone has been exposed to. Many studies have shown a significant correlation between cancer and increased exposure to radiation. Our solution provides a quick and relatively inexpensive way to track general radiation exposure for people without requiring everyone to carry geiger meters.

What it does

Measures radiation levels in an area or a room, background as well as induced/artificial. Tracks users in vicinity and uploads radiation exposure data to a database, which then can be accessed via the app. Users can use a nfc/rfc ID to check in or out of radiation hazard areas, and this way the system keeps track of individual radiation exposure

How I built it

Hardware: Geiger counter with digital pinout interface (5v logic) Arduino Mega MFRC522 RFID reader module Wiring, breadboard, LEDs

Software: Python C React native (app)

Database: MongoDB

Challenges I ran into

Calibrating a geiger counter is not the easiest thing in the world! also, bananas are a bit radioactive. Also, i am currently hacking in a lab holed up here due to a hurricane (Hurricane Isaias, currently a few miles off the coast of Melbourne, Florida). Building and testing radiation measurement hardware amid such conditions has been quite a challenge, but a fun experience overall!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We can track rads in real time! Bananas wont kill you by radiation poisoning unless you were literally drowning in them

What I learned

Background radiation levels can fluctuate wildly depending on many factors

What's next for RadioAware

more robust prototype, maybe a POC for workers who are exposed to radiation often (CAT scans, X Ray Technicians etc)

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