Where do you go to trade the Solana ecosystem on mobile?

This is the question we asked ourselves as we started spending more time in Solana and we weren't super impressed with the answers.

What it does

It's a non-custodial mobile wallet that let's you trade Solana ecosystem tokens that are available through project serum (60 token pairs currently)

How we built it

We come from a design background so we spent as much time as we could coming up with something simple and unique.

On the technical side we used Expo/React-Native, solanaweb3.js and project-serum/serum libraries.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The project-serum/serum and solanaweb3.js libraries take some jiggering to work with react native because both use desktop related node libraries under the hood.

  2. Building using the project-serum and solanaweb3.js boilerplate was much more difficult than expected, mostly due to lack of documentation. What's been done is great but it still requires a great deal of context and hearsay on Discord. In 6 months or so I imagine it will be much better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Kick-ass branding in such a short amount of time. And just getting over the humps of working with project serum and solanaweb3 and react-native all together.

What we learned

How to work in the Solana and Serum ecosystems. In retrospect we would have spent more time building relationships and getting help in Discord. It's also just inherently a little tricky dealing with a lot of encrypting and decrypting of things because it's inherently more opaque.

What's next for Radiant Wallet

Keep building and ironing out bugs until its a delight to use!

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