What it does

Quickly find any Radians product and all of its details and request quotes or samples of said products.

How we built it

Using 2 HubDB tables that sync overnight with their ERP system (Salsify) and the HubSpot CMS and HubSpot Site Search. 1 HubDB table is for the dynamic pages (500+ pages), the 2nd table is for every individual SKU (5k+).

Challenges we ran into

Updating the foreign ID HubDB table with CSV imports breaks the link to the main table. We quickly found out it was worth building an integration for handling the data between their HubDB tables and Salsify which solved this problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the dynamic product pages that integrate with the search so that if you click search for a specific SKU and you click on that product from the search, it will automatically be selected on the product page when it loads.

What's next for Radians Product Catalog

Adding full eCommerce support to their HubSpot CMS website would be pretty simple to do at this point.

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