Figuring out what to eat is the number one problem my friends and I run into every time we hang out. While Yelp is useful for finding tasty and affordable places nearby, it takes away the mystery and excitement that comes along with just walking down the street and picking the first interesting restaurant in sight. We wanted to find the perfect balance between planned and spontaneous meals by discovering new and interesting places on foot while also getting information about the places in real time.

What it does

Our mobile iOS application opens up to the camera first, allowing users to view the name, category, price range, and Yelp rating of the business in view by simply tapping on the screen and letting our algorithms display information based on the given visual data. If the user is interested and wants more information, the user can select the business and see information like top menu items if the business is a cafe or restaurant. In addition, our app also displays a list of any Facebook friends who checked in previously at the business location.

How we built it

We used Swift to build our iOS app interface, specifically ARkit for displaying information. For the backend, we utilized Python Flask to get information from the Yelp, Facebook, and Locu APIs. We used Hasura for the app deployment and we used the Bing Map API for our data visualizations.

What's next for radAR

We hope to improve the accuracy our search algorithm when using computer vision to identify businesses.

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