Why We're Here

The COVID-19 pandemic helped us see the struggles small businesses go through. Without expensive corporate organization techniques and cutting-edge technology, many of these businesses find it difficult to compete in an already cutthroat market.

One particular problem we noticed was the amount of expired food small businesses had to throw out. While large grocery stores have the technology to track expiration dates of items, small stores have neither the technology, nor the time to do this.

We wanted to make a difference. So we created rad(ish).

What Is rad(ish)?

rad(ish) is a web app that allows small business owners to automatically place items reaching their expiration date on sale. Business owners and employees alike can either upload databases of their current inventory or use our intuitive interface to manually enter inventory information.

After data has been entered, rad(ish) will analyze expiration dates and current list prices of database items, deciding which items should be put on sale and how much their prices should be reduced. As items get closer to their expiration date, their prices are reduced more and more! This incentivizes buying items that would otherwise be thrown away, thereby minimizing food waste and lost revenue.

How we built it

Front-end developed with HTML, CSS, and Javascript with pair-programming and initial testing done using Glitch servers.

Back-end developed with Python for CSV parsing, database analysis, and algorithmic sale allocation on inventory items.

Complete project integration done using Flask and Django.

Technologies Used: • Python • Flask • Django • HTML • CSS • Javascript

Challenges we ran into

• Integrating Python-based algorithm into the web development application, Glitch

• Front-end component responsiveness on mobile devices

• Proper CSV parsing and database management

What's next for rad(ish)

We have begun to create a login page for employees to add a layer of security, but the database is not fully implemented yet. rad(ish) has many new features yet to come - we hope you'll stick around!

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