Sites like Pinterest, Archillect, Prisma, that allow users to create their own virtual aesthetic mood boards. Rachile is targeted toward the millennial futuristic aesthetic.

What it does

Gets images from Archillect, [archive + intellect] -- an AI meant to find & share visuals over social media channels, and allows users to apply Deep Learning filters, as well as derive inspiration from continuously-loaded futuristic images as they scroll through. Users can interact with the images through liking and clicking on them to view a highly enlarged version. Archillect works w/ an algorithm that is fed a list of keywords. Instead of posting the search results directly, she wiki-walks between pages & posts, collecting data on various items: image, poster, recent interactions & visible audience of the post. She mines data from each of them to map the social structure of these items and trains herself to discover related keywords in the process of learning. She adjusts threshold of keywords and picks them dynamically based on how much interaction her social media posts gain. This makes the decision-making process nearly human & gives her a primitive trend perception.

How we built it

We had different team members focus on and challenge themselves through building Rachile using React.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tensorflow, Flask, and the Archillect API.

Challenges we ran into

As most of our team members are fairly new to what they do (web development and ML), the process of figuring out how to incorporate each of the elements/features, including infinite scrolling and getting the images derived from Archillect to display correctly in an aesthetically-pleasing way, proved to be a challenge. Implementing the feature for users to apply the Deep Learning filters was also technically challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a LOT and managed to produce a functioning and beautiful product!

What we learned

A lot.

What's next for Rachile

Additional features, including commenting for users and sharing their feeds/curated images.

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