Daneo Video's spoofed number limiter to retire Rachel

Methodology This flagging system is to to severly limit the number of spoofed calls that a company can make. The ideal is zero, but this methodology reduces the calls to a more realistic figure of as few as 10,000 numbers available for a scammer to send spoofed calls to. This looks at where a call originates from instead of trying to intercept calls at the receiving end. Another benefit is this limit will slow them down to manual dialing speeds. Mismatched numbers trigger a random caller ID review Telephone companies would cpompare a caller’s call history and caller ID to flag and report upon for outgoing calls. Match the caller ID with where that number is assigned to. Block calls if the number displayed for caller ID is in use at the time of the call. This limits the number of spoofed calls to the exchange prefix or area code. Limit multiple phone calls made from the same number right after each other to hand dialing speed. Have a multi tiered set of thresholds. Work down from a high rate towards hand dialing speeds. The exact thresholds can be varied and secret, similar to how Google's search algorithm is. Use the caller ID information at the server side instead of when it reaches the customer Black list of spoofed numbers to target the common ones making more work for robocallers to spoof Blank (no number displayed) The number 1 or less than a complete number Unavailable (is this what the phone company displays if it doesn’t recognize the ID?) Private non existant numbers such as 555-5555 The same number as who is being called or displaying a previous number dialed from that number Caller ID Blocking Listing Agencies Caller ID blocking for all calls made from a line requires registering that phone number in a database. License agencies such as those dealing with domestic abuse to authorize per line ID blockUntil people are used to no more line caller ID, an audio message similar to “Call Can’t Be Connected” of “Caller ID Is NOT Blocked, Please Use *67 For Each Call” is played for callers previously using line caller ID Unavailable phone calls or with phony numbers are not connected by the phone company unless listed Caller gets a recorded message similar to a misdialed number including key prompts or message. Tax A tax per call made on auto dialers, including software based ones, or if exceeding the number of calls in a set amount of time that is possible by hand helps fund enforcement. This tax could cover existing units and serves as another violation to charge robocallers with like how Al Capone was convicted on tax invasion. Reporting Review or buy the database list of numbers reported to the various phone number comments websites Promote the FTC’s own website through PSAs as the official place for people to list non-spoofed numbers where action will be takenA set of phone keypad buttons such as *13 or *86 pressed after a spam phone call will flag it for review similar to forwarding spam email to the FTC. This also covers Private numbers. Consumers are given the option by the phone company to block area and country codes The compare which area a call is made would force the calls to show where they are from Capcha (optional idea) The primary focus in this system is to limit spoofed numbers but if blocking is used: A capcha question is played if a caller believes that their being blocked is in error To help identify foreign call centers, spell a word not common in foreign countries as an audio capcha. When Italy was being formed, the Italians used linguistics like the pronunciation for chickpeas to identify the French.

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