A phone call opt-in system Summary This is a companion suggestion to Rachel’s Retirement. This idea is to close loopholes and update the standards for what qualifies a business to call someone on the DNC list and for more open disclosure of who is calling. Exemptions The criteria for an organization to qualify as a political campaign, tax exempt non-profit or other DNC exempt group can be tightened up. Standards must not be so strict to exclude calling due to someone being from a third political party. Polls sponsored by a political candidate must clearly identify themselves as such. Limited sharing After a time limit of X number of years, waivers to the DNC expire. Currently it is 18 months which takes into account that a customer may only do business with a company for Christmas gifts.

When called, a telemarketer must provide the name of a specific product, service or business partner a consumer used that allows them to call people on the DNC list. As a minimum, callers must provide the date the original transaction was made as specified above. Customer names may be shared with partners but not to partners of their partners unless those parties are subsidiaries or divisions of the parent company.

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