We've developed several hardware products in aerospace and medical ISO management systems and we always had issues corelating these strict traceability rules with accounting, procurement and such. So are developing this system to solve this problem for everyone. Forever.

What it does

An END TO END ECRYPTED ecosystem of online apps that allows automation between development processes, connects the accounting to makers/thinkers, tracks all expenses, income and assets with the ultimate goal, to get you to your first million

How I built it

by coding tools we've been using internally since years now

Challenges I ran into

developing the distributed end to end encrypted network of computers with elastic like auto-balancing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A network of over 40 servers completely unmonitored that self manage and ensure that the entire infrastructure remains standing even under heavy load or attacks

What I learned

accounting may be tricky, determining the prices in a complex project is just as tricky. not with racetomillion

What's next for RaceToMillion

go to market asap

Built With

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