Rabia’s collection is an online Comapany that sells Sindhi Women dresses online as well as it has physical presence. Our target market is all those people who love and want to have Sindhi cultural products around the globe. We are offering value added handmade Sindhi cultural dresses and other valuable accessories for the people of every age. In this industry there is huge demand for cultural products because this is not only representing a particular culture but it has got its beauty and rich colors which is loved by every one around the globe and people are dying to have such type of unique products. The demand for such type of products is increasing as awareness among the people of the world is increasing for such products this industry is growing at a large pace and there is great opportunity to be the part of it and contribute to the welfare of the society terms of generating employment as well as for the economy, so as the industry is in growth we predict that there is great opportunity to meet the global demand that will be generated in future by following this trend. In this industry we have the edge over our competitors that we are the first who are offering official website to capture the market and give easy excess to our customers, besides that we are supporting 14 payment methods some of them are; visa, PayPal, Bit Coins, master card, debit card with visa or master card logo western union cash on delivery (local). Apart from that we have hired the skilled labor that is much more efficient and expert in their work they are very much productive, in our business the team that we have has large network in interior Sindh that supports us to get the efficient and effective labor that produces very high quality products and we get a finest material from them. As we are operating online and have physical presence we are introducing our product as a brand that will have a long lasting effect on our success and will surely be effective for us because our competitors are just selling the products but we are selling the brand.

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