The desire to find a unification concept around digital receipts:

The idea of RaasDex is to create an exchange where anyone can send or receive a digital receipt. You have one location to store and retrieve all your digital receipts rather than having a bunch of siloed receipts in shoe boxes, file cabinets or scattered all over your email boxes. Think publish/subscribe.

It's predicted that by 2020 about 450 BILLION transactions will occur every day, and every transaction needs a receipt of some sort. RaasDex will be set up to enable any of the receipts to reach it's proper owner in a digital format.

How it works:

The RaasDex Exchange API will allow retailers, businesses and individuals the ability to publish a digital receipt to the exchange and either of these 2 actions will occur:

1- The exchange will return a QR code (embedded UUID) to the retailer that they can print out on Point-of-Sale slips, printed invoices or included within an email they send out as a receipt. User read read the QR code with mobile device cameras or if an email, click the QR code which has a URL link.

2- If the retailers and businesses can check through the API if a email address is registered on RaasDex, if so, then they can make a direct deposit to the user's account.

Challenges I ran into:

Designing the concept, API and app all at the same time, plus hooking up the Exchange API with ContextIO's API. On the API side, just dealing with CORS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I have accomplished a lot within this short challenge deadline, but there's a lot more to do.

What I learned

Everyone seems to have their own made up system for dealing with siloed receipts, the challenge is to build a system that works for the majority.

What's next for RaasDex

Finish the API, mobile apps and website

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