R8Dr is an intuitive doctor rating website that helps you in finding the best doctor. So, if you are confused about choosing which doctor to go with, trust R8Dr, we'll take care of suggesting you the best doctor. When you are looking for a doctor in your neighborhood, you'll be overwhelmed with the amount of search results you'll find. But whom would do choose? That's the challenge we are trying to solve here. Your search results will be based on the ratings provided by people who have used the doctor or the hospital's service previously. So, in our rating based platform you as a user have full control is contributing to the reputation of the doctor. Well, health is wealth, all in your hands.

Why R8Dr?

One of the interesting features of R8Dr is, when you look up for doctors, if the doctor or the hospital is having an upcoming health check-up camp, organized specially for the poor and the needy, it would show up in the search results. So, it is not only for people to look up ratings, but also to check out good deals!


Some of the unique features we love about R8Dr is hierarchical based search feature, simple UI and yes, it's fast and free.

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