The inspiration for the R3, Right Resources Right Now, app came from a deep understanding of the struggles homeless and at risk communities face connecting with resources that are there to serve them.

What it does

R3 provides 24/7 real time available resources to individuals who may be in need of housing, food, or a myriad of other services in an easy to use format. The app allows users to choose what information they would like to provide without requiring any personally identifying information that may make the user feel at risk and allows users to save available resources to their profile for future use.

How we built it

R3 was constructed with a high degree of concern for the user's experience. The R3 app demo is built with Marvel and the app is built with Ruby on Rails.

Challenges we ran into

With a wide array of obstacles that impact the lives of homeless and at risk individuals the biggest challenge was refining the most effective way technology could help remove the hurdles in the way of self sustainability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The R3 development team is grateful to construct an app that would be able to provide nonprofits and government agencies data analytics to better inform the effectiveness of resources they provide, while also making it easier for communities in crisis to access the resources available to them.

What we learned

The R3 development team learned that the answer is never quick or easy but with hard work and empathy for each other as well as the app's users we made a big step in improving a disjointed and often hard to navigate system of social services.

What's next for R3

In the future the R3 development team aims to enhance the app to be able to serve first responders who are looking to help individuals in crisis.

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