The R2-PU is a revolutionary autonomous-capable telepresence robot which allows one to be at two places at once. With a design based on the well known R2-D2, the R2-PU is Purdue's special mechatronic mascot. With the ability to detect obstacles and equipped with an onboard camera, the R2-PU has advantageous designs and features such as telepresence and remote monitoring. The R2-PU can be controlled globally through low latency peer-to-peer connection. In addition, we have integrated extensive compatibility with the MYO armband, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and smartphone connectivity. The robot can be controlled with one or more of the aforementioned devices with the option for group collaborative control.

Proudly designed with elegant and customizable compartments, the R2-PU is also environmentally friendly utilizing rechargeable batteries and a hybrid regenerative control circuit. The R2-PU is specifically excellent in assisting people both young and old with carrying objects over 150 pounds. It has integrated sensors for crash prevention and allows for easy use through its versatile interface.

Suffice it to say, the R2-PU is truly an intuitive robot which can be your good companion for everyday tasks!

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