Math professor's handwriting on chalkboards is hard to read. Difficulty finding relevant sections when reviewing long lecture videos.

What it does

An algorithm that extracts the relevant frames of the video. Mathematica Image Analysis functionality was used to segment the images and detect handwriting. MathPix API was finally used to convert to LaTeX.

How I built it

In Wolfram Mathematica.

Challenges I ran into

API Documentation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to complete a project that is both coherent and modular.

What I learned

Mathematica is powerful such as accessing API and Unix functions. In-built functions are also highly sophisticated and robust.

What's next for r00t

Machine learning to recognize handwriting better and also application in more complex classroom settings and camera movements. Possible integration with audio to generate complete class notes. Functionality can also be extended to convert students' handwritten notes.

Built With

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