What it does

A meteor app that sends a message to a channel of your choosing (preferably your private slackbot), whenever you're mentioned in github, trello, and in the future, in any other cloud app that supports mentioning.


When someone mentions you in any of your cloud apps, it is usually something that needs your attention quickly. None of the built in slack integrations explicitly supports putting mentions in a "priority inbox" slack channel that can get your attention quickly, such as your slackbot. This app solves that.

How we built it

Using meteor and meteor packages we've created that are the basis for easily creating cloud integration apps, including support for filters, transforms, smart API endpoint pulling with last modified / since support, etc.

List of packages

  • coffeescript
  • http
  • force-ssl
  • hubaaa:accounts-slack # forked during hackathon
  • accounts-github
  • jsep:accounts-trello
  • hubaaa:link-accounts # forked during hackathon
  • semantic:ui-css
  • semantic:ui-icon
  • ovcharik:alertifyjs
  • practicalmeteor:loglevel
  • practicalmeteor:chai
  • manuel:viewmodel
  • hubaaa:easy-meteor-settings
  • hubaaa:easy-service-config
  • hubaaa:json-pipes
  • hubaaa:endpoint-puller

Challenges we ran into

Needing to create an accounts-trello package (none existed in atmosphere that worked for us).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting this done in a less than weekend.

What we've learned

That meteor is perfect for quickly building oauth based cloud integration and automation apps.

What's next for R U Talking 2 Me?

We hope that this "hubapp" and additional future hubapps will become, with the help of the meteor community, the basis for a meteor based open source integration platform that will drastically cut down the development time of advanced cloud extension, integration and automation apps, as meteor did for web development.

We'd like the platform to eliminate most of the boilerplate code required by integration and automation apps, such as code that deals with one-way-sync, two-way-sync, webhooks and pulling, identity mapping, fields changed, data filtering and mapping UIs, and much more.

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