The upcoming Web3 revolution !!! The problem of solving the digital identity crisis with P2P transfer through Blockchain. Industries today are using blockchain technologies to increase efficiency and solve business problems associated with data privacy, security, information sharing, and inclusion.

What it does

Our application allows buyers to browse through 3d models of real estate properties and filter properties by location and cost to find the perfect fit. Without having to visit dozens of properties. Sellers can upload a video of their house and Spectre3Ds machine learning algorithms will convert it to a 3d model. This house can be tokenized and then bought and sold. In the future sellers and buyers will be required to upload legal documents alongside our template

How we built it

We build it using HTML CSS react and icp. We used ipfs for file storage and icp for tokenization. Smart Contracts are written in MOTOKO.

Challenges we ran into

We faced problems integrating different parts of the project together since it's really complex with lots of different components and functionalities.

  1. We are yet to integrate the working front-end with 3D scanning functionalities to the main EONIA website (where it talks with the IC Blockchain through smart contracts written in MOTOKO)

  2. For the time being, we are not deploying the 3D image data (Sizes are big and we need to work on the image processing part and figure a way out !!! ) on the IC Blockchain. Only, the 2D image representing the real estate, the NFD ID of the property, and the Principal ID of the owner are recorded on-chain. We are trying to automate the process of generating a 2D image corresponding to the 3D scanned image of the property and deploying that specific information on IC Blockchain

  3. We are making PUT and GET requests to spectre3d API and using photogrammetry and machine learning with Spectre3d to convert it into a 3D mesh. For the time being, we are storing the 3D image data on IPFS and later rendering it back from IPFS to the Discover section of the EONIA webpage.

What's next for EONIA

  1. We are working on the smart contracts and including more functionalities to incorporate legal issues related to real estate properties
  2. We have also started to include AR functionalities in our App.

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