RPB (rock-paper-bordel) brings a spin on classic age old game with revolutionary weixel graphics and extra redundant player (you). Just press B. RTX 3080 recommended, it is definitely better use than for PoW anyway.


  • Kinetismus, Kunsthalle Prague
  • Bordel Hackerspace
  • Stay Pure motto


  • B

how we built it

  • pure javascript

challenges we ran into

  • safari is bad for web3

accomplishments that we're proud of

  • perfect ux
  • built original weixel game engine

what we learned

  • homomorphic encryption not ready yet for gaming
  • there are lot of RPS implementations on chain already

what's next for RPB?

  • interactions from other 2 players
  • persistency and execution on chain (eta 3 weeks)
  • performance optimisations
  • mobile support & meta transactions (sign by B)
  • NFT? :)

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