Inspired by the interviews made and the research done.

What it does

  • Enhance brand attractiveness.
  • Strengthen brand value.
  • Reposition R-kioski focus

How I built it

  • Research: A. Understanding the problem from the company’s perspective. => What would make franchising more attractive compared to salary job or continuing studies. B. Agree on the research methods: Qualitative Method C. Formulate questions for 2 sources: Existing R-kioski’s franchisees and Employees; People on the street.
  • Analyze collected data and comparing with the data given by R-kioski.
  • Layering problems.
  • Choosing a layer to concentrate on: Reposition R-kioski brand in order to make it more attractive.
  • Focusing on a problem to tackle: Because of the relevance of the subject for millennials, we chose to focus on sustainability
  • Our solution to make R-kioski more sustainable is to reduce the use of plastic bottles. For this we wish to: 1) offer tap water at R-kioski shops (either free or for a small donation) => as a bonus this will initiate customers to make impulsive purchases. 2) sell R-kioski eco friendly refillable bottles 3) provide biodegradable water cups

Challenges I ran into

  • Exploring problems
  • Choosing our focus.
  • Communication regarding language barrier during interviews

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Identified where the problems lie.
  • Produced multiple valuable ideas.
  • Chose one focus.

What I learned

  • Design Process
  • Deepen knowledge in Franchising concept.
  • Team dynamics.

What's next for R-kioski Franchisee

  • Validate the solution.
  • Look into all the key findings and tackle strategically other problems.

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