We propose a novel way of using the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) spectrum to enhance the accuracy and security of GPS. Traditionally the DSRC spectrum is designed to carry information such as the location estimates of the vehicles provided by GPS that are assumed to be accurate. However the accuracy of GPS is severely affected by environmental factors like multipath and adverse factors like intentional jamming and spoofing by malicious users. We ask the question of whether DSRC communication could in fact be exploited to enhance the position accuracy and security of GPS. Many safety and mobility applications as envisioned by the Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, mandate sub-meter or higher accuracies that is not delivered by the GPS system. Department of Transportation (DoT)’s and other agencies are actively involved in exploring technologies such as NRTK, DGPS to provide a high accuracy location service for ITS applications. The cost of implementation and maintenance of these systems are expensive and further are not robust to multipath interference and malicious attacks. Our proposed solution aims to enhance the accuracy and security of GPS through collaboration between vehicles using DSRC. By exploiting the diversity in the DSRC measurements and using consistency checks, we aim to discard the bad measurements and obtain highly precise position estimates. The system can complement existing technologies such as NRTK to provide a robust, precise and secure location service for the benefit of ITS and other applications that mandate high accuracy positioning.

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