Creators: Raghav Gupta, Mihir Jain, Pranathi Darbhala, Ishika Rakesh

Imagine you are a freshman at UCR looking to having a fulfilling meal at one of the dining restuarants. Unfortunately, you have dietary restrictions, and as a result, your options are very limited. Our app R'Food aims to solve this problem by giving users the amount of vegetarain dishes available at each dining hall for the best experience. Our program goes through each dining hall's online menu, retrives the vegetarian options, and returns the number of vegetarian dishes to the user to have the best experience.

We do this by using Protractor, which is a tool for front-end web test automation, but we are using it for retrieving a CSS page element for a a vegetarian item, and then storing the number of items it displays on the menu in a variable.

Then we compare the values between dining halls and whichever dining halls has the highest number of vegeterian dishes is the dining hall we tell people to go to.

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