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Majority of ALS patients in developing countries are deprived of sophisticated techniques of communication due to financial reasons. Eventually, They lose their battle to ALS without ever having technology by their side.

What it does

With its intuitive User Interface and eye gesture based navigation, Roar allows ALS patients to communicate using just their smartphone without any prior training. Roar uses a collection of 6 categories, each category containing 5 words or emoticons.

As soon as the effect detects a face, a list of words or emoticons from a particular category is displayed.

Patients can cycle through different words or emoticons of a particular category by just blinking their eyes.

They can cycle through different categories by just closing their LEFT or RIGHT eye for 1 second.

To communicate a particular word or emoticon, patients have to close both eyes for 1 second.

This will display the confirmed word or emoticon inside the green rectangle present at the top and also plays a sound.


1) UI Redesign : In the previous version, the effect used to take up a lot of space on the screen and overlap on top of the patient’s face.

To avoid this, the UI elements have been placed at the extreme left so that the patient’s face receives maximum visibility when the effect is being used to communicate with a friend during a facebook LIVE session.

The effect now has a home screen with a list of features. patients can cycle through different features by just BLINKING their eyes.

To navigate to a particular feature, patients have to CLOSE BOTH EYES for 1 second.

2) Keyboard : The effect allows ALS patients to type by just blinking and this is achieved with a completely new keyboard layout.

The layout contains 10 rows, each row containing 3 keys.

Patients can cycle through different rows by just winking their LEFT or RIGHT EYE.

From a selected row, patients can select a particular key by just closing their LEFT or RIGHT or BOTH EYES for 1 second.

3) Game : The effect allows patients to play a simple Quiz which requires a lot of thinking.

patients can cycle through different choices by just blinking their eyes. They can confirm their choice by CLOSING BOTH EYES for 1 second.

Patients can at any time go back to the home screen by CLOSING BOTH EYES for 3 seconds.

How I built it

Using Spark AR

Challenges I ran into

-Shortlisting the top 20 words and 10 emojis for the effect

-Simplifying the UI and designing the effect to work based on user's eye gestures

-Differentiating between eye gestures

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Roar effect has been approved by Facebook.

What I learned

As a designer, i learnt about 3D files, shaders and textures

As a developer, i learnt Patch Editor, Reactive Programming

What's next

-Word prediction

-More words and Emojis

-Instagram Approval of the Effect

-Popularizing it among ALS patients

-Speech audio to be played for each word

Built With

  • spark-ar
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