We were inspired by the use of image processing to easily sort through photos and how most people don't sort their garbage into efficient piles to make this.

What it does

It uses QR codes to identify if an object can be recycled or not. These QR codes would be placed on packaging to identify if an object is able to be recycled.

How I built it

We used Java, and the Webcam Capture API and the ZXing QR/Barcode Decoder to access the webcam, scan and identify QR codes, and decode them into parseable snippets.

Challenges I ran into

We initially wanted to use the DragonBoard 410c, but we had extreme difficulty into getting it working correctly. We then switched to the Raspberry Pi but had issues getting SSH to work with the campus wifi. We then decided to use our computers instead as a proof of concept.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None of us had any hardware knowledge at all, and this was our first project outside of class assignments. We learned a lot about hardware and how difficult it is to start and finish a project. We would like to thank the mentors and the sponsors for helping us when we didn't know what we were doing and providing the hardware required to make this event possible.

What's next for R-Cubed

We are hoping R-Cubed would inspire others to start thinking about how they sort their recyclables and to better sort their waste to reduce their carbon footprint. We would also like to allow others to build upon our concept and see it be implemented in a commercial setting.

Built With

  • api
  • blood-sweat-and-tears
  • java
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