I was just bored and wanted to do something fun that my friends would enjoy to, and voila, R Bot was born. R Bot is a discord API chat bot that has many fun commands and even administration features. It's made to just be a chill bot that'd not really meant to do anything serious. I knew that me and my friends use discord a lot so I researched about it and found discord developer portal and discord.py. Since then I really just worked on it everyday and added anything that came to mind. Along the way I ran onto many challenges as Discord.py had just released a rewrite version and many things had changed, thankfully I just had to look at the documentation and stack overflow to overcome these problems. Next for R Bot, I want to integrate machine learning to do many fun and wonderful things, such as camera filters in discord video chatting. But, that's not possible for me just yet, so for now, I'll keep learning and trying my best to improve this chat bot.

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