Considered as one of the top software tools for Analytics/Data Science/ML, R is a free software environment for statistical computing. In 2018, R was ranked in the top 10 programming language by popularity (IEEE Spectrum), which show us the importance of having a package in UiPath available for integrating RPA with scripts created in this language.

Going further, many companies have been working with data scientists to analyze big data and create predictive models for improving their business, be it in Finance, Human Resources, or any other area. When automation hits these processes, the combination of RPA with existing scripts created by these data scientists is paramount. Therefore, the purpose of this package of custom activities is to provide seamless integration of UiPath and R to make the best experience for RPA developers working on such business scenarios.

The main two activities of this package are R Scope and Run R Script.

The package was created using the RDotNet library distributed through Nuget (

  • Not yet compatible with R versions > 3.4.3 *

Future improvements:

  • Compatibility with the recent versions of R.
  • More activities to translate the SymbolicExpression object which outputs from the Run Script activity.
  • More activities to interact with R (install packages, etc.).
  • A better file selection for the Run R Script activity, to display the file explorer for easier file browsing and also enable relative paths to be used.

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