about r a m b l e

ramble is a web application that allows you to unload the overwhelming stressors and problems of the day, increasing times of mindfulness and peace through its speech-to-text function, aesthetically-calming color hues representing your tone of the day, and intuitive statistics for deep reflections.

s p e e c h - t o - t e x t

have somebody to talk to - always. no matter where and when you are, ramble is always available to hear you out and help you record your thoughts through our impeccable speech-to-text function. talk your thoughts out; read over your rambles and refocus your mind.

i n t u i t i v e s t a t i s t i c s

reflect on your progress as a thinker, feeler, and grower. ramble offers intuitive statistics for users, allowing them to see overarching tone patterns in the long-term. reflection is easy with ramble. it tracks everything and never forgets.

a e s t h e t i c a l l y - c a l m i n g c o l o r s c h e m e

to match your tone of the journal, ramble automatically generates a beautiful color gradient for the background of your journal entries. quickly gaze over your journals to see your general tones for the days, weeks, and months. pick out certain entries with stronger emotions and reflect back onto the day.


as four incoming freshman, the transition from a familiar, comfortable lifestyle to a more hectic, independent environment was a monumental shift. we've all spent time feeling trapped in our own heads, without the support of our family and friends. r a m b l e, came to us as an idea to fight these feelings of isolation: a way to use the skills we've gained since the beginning of college to assist not only ourselves, but all who go through these commonly experienced moments.

how we built it

we built the application using GoogleAppEngine and Python, and relied on Jinja for creation of dynamic HTML templates, and on Bootstrap for styling. we utilized Google's Cloud Infrastructure, using Datastore to manage our database and Google's speech-to-text API for speech recognition.

challenges we ran into

we had issues implementing Google's speech-to-text API initially, but we were able to overcome them by switching from their python library to their REST API. we had issues interacting with Google's Datastore, because of an unfamiliarity with the infrastructure and functions provided.

accomplishments that we're proud of

working with complex HTML elements like sliders, popups, and buttons and using both Python and Javascript to add dynamic functionality and interactivity within out web application. we're also proud of our UI, drawing from minimalist and zen design for inspiration, it captures the soothing ambience we strived to provide for our users.

what we learned

we learned about the power of collaborative programing, which allowed us to draw from more diverse skillsets and perspectives and increased our problem-solving capabilities and efficiency. this time we also heavily emphasized user interface, and we learned how small, individual components play a significant role in overall user satisfaction.

what's next for r a m b l e: an online diary

a more comprehensive statistical analysis for people who want to track their moods and gain a more thorough understanding of their r a m b l e s. along with that, a calendar view for users who hope to express their thoughts more consistently and a zoomed-out interface for easier awareness of long-term trends. we also hope to increase the accuracy of our speech to text as well as color hue to match the tone of the audio. our dream for r a m b l e is to create a mobile application, as we want to cater to users around the world and ensure that anyone, anywhere can r a m b l e.

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