Common housing problems encountered within the MSU College of Law Housing Clinic revolve around a lack of education and proper protocol for addressing repair issues. We wanted to simply be able to walk tenants through the process without having financial ability be a factor that decreases access.

What it does

Walk tenants through the process regarding repair issues - and a possible referral service for housing attorneys in the area.

How I built it

First we process mapped the actual process a tenant would take in order to address a repair issue - whether a tenant can actually withhold rent, depending on the repair. After that we determined a logic within the process map. Then we translated the logic into questions and steps to walk the tenant through the process.

Challenges I ran into

Originally we had wanted this to be a part of the android application - B1GTENANT but as time went on we determined that it wouldn't be a feasible option given the restraints. As a result, we wanted to have a minimally viable product to showcase, and therefore switched gears to create the html site.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A non-coder team member was able to create the logic within html and have a product to showcase to the judges.

What I learned

To have different options (switching to html) when planning, since there are situations that will arise (like time) that we need to account for.

What's next for R^3 - Repair, Refuse, Refer

We would like to see this embedded into the application we built - B1GTENANT.

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